Stretching and easing the body isn't just something you can do pre or post ride - you can check in with your body mid ride; whether that's at a traffic light or rest stop. Use these briefs moments to stretch out your shoulders and neck, spine, hips, quads and hamstrings. Your body will thank you for it and it'll make your ride more comfortable.


  1. If you're clipped in, make sure you're stable before embarking on any stretches!  

  2. Aim for a couple of stretches per stop. You can always do the others at the next stop. Better to focus and do them properly. 


A gentle sideways movement to relieve neck and top of shoulder tension.
Place both arms down by your sides. Drop your right arm further down your thigh, without bending your body to the side. At the same time, drop your head down towards the left - creating traction along the side of the neck from left-leaning head to right-leaning hand. It's subtle but strong! 
Come out as you came in and repeat on the other side. 


Cycling is all forward facing movement. Meaning tension builds up in the sides of the body which can restrict movement and breathing.
To ease open your side body, raise your arms out to horizontal and lift your right arm over towards your left side as you drop down the left arm towards the ground. Your left hip will lower and your right hip will rise. Breath into the extended right side, without crunching down your left side. Inhale to come out and repeat on the left side. 


 A lovely stretch to open up the shoulder girdle and upper back. 
Take your right arm out wide then wrap it underneath a bent left arm. You're aiming to get your the back of your hands as close together as possible. 
Then drop your shoulders down your back. You can also lift the wrapped arms higher towards the sky as you drop your shoulders. Breath into the traction. 
Come out as you came in and repeat on the other side. 



SPINAL twist

Sit up in your saddle, on an exhale breath lift up and twist your right shoulder and the middle of your back towards the back of your bike. You can gently look over right shoulder, without straining the neck. Breathe here. 
Exhale to return to the front of your bike and repeat on the left side. Avoid jamming your neck. The movement is subtle and it's in your spine.