Restorative yoga is a relaxation practice that helps release habitual tension and is useful as part of a healing regime. It balances the nervous system, enables alignment and bio mechanical release. In short, it's a great way to chill out, enhance your breathing (essential for a strong ride) and enable the muscles to let go of tension. 

You can use these simple techniques at home, using a mat and some towels once a week to enhance your health and fitness. Oh and you could fins you'll sleep like a baby after. 


  1. Before you do any healing practices it's helpful to check in with the body and see where it's at. You can use this at the beginning and end to monitor results. Ideas for check in: stand still with your legs hip width apart and scan the body or lie flat on the floor, facing the ceiling and scan down the body supine. 

  2. Give the body time: the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in about 7 minutes into a pose. Chill out for a bit to see maximum results. 

  3. You should feel completely supported in postures, if you're uncomfortable try adding some support in the form of towels. Key areas for support include the top of the shoulders/neck, under the lower back and knees. 

  4. Breathe, breathe and breathe. Try and make it as full and complete as possible to allow the body to relax. 

  5. Start with a face down posture, it helps cue the body to relax - feel safe - alternate with a face up posture and leave any twists of the spine until later in your pratice when you're warmed up. Always end with a lie on your back to allow the body to settle after the movements. 

  6. Ladies - if it's your time of your month don't do the inversion postures.